Yes I am a Ginger and Yes, I have a Soul. (The 52 week challenge and why I started this blog)

Hi, my name is Samantha. My friends call me Sami and yes I have red- well auburn hair and freckles! woo lol. Not that that really matters but people still think it is funny to tell me I have no soul ha…Thanks South Park!

This is a “ME” gallery in some of the places I have been most recently…

SamifromMiamiYogaPR BeachPuffinsDCIM100GOPROG0531253.JPGFallsDCIM100GOPROG0281047.JPGIce lagoon


Anyways, I’m just a girl in my early 30s still figuring out what I want to do when I grow up. I have a few ideas but I am so busy with what I am doing now that it is hard to get inspired about what I want to do later…..although I now know what I am doing now is NOT what I want to be doing later. It is basically just funding the now and adding a little $ to the savings pot for what I think I want to do later…but like I said, I am still trying to figure that one out.

While I continue down that road I decided to do something shall I say interesting, challenging, fun, quirky? Okay maybe it is none of those things but…. dun dun dunnnn… The Challenge is: NO buying ANY clothing for at least a year! (the ONLY exception… Babesmaid dresses (please let them be cute!)) I am also setting a $100 a month max budget for all accessories including shoes, hats, belts, jewelry, scarves sunglasses ect. because we all know accessories are the EASIEST way to transform any outfit! annnd lets face it, it would be complete torture if I told myself not to buy any fashion!

So now you might be asking, “why are you doing this?” Is it weird if I say because I think it will be a fun experiment? Well even if it is, that is pretty much the truth. In the process I know I will save money (no buying that cute dress I have no where to go in just because its a bargain. Can you relate?), challenge my styling skills and definitely get back to what I used to do all the time…SEW! I am hoping this challenge will help spark a side of me that will inspire some future goals that may stem from past goals that were never realized.

A lil back story- I graduated college with a fashion degree (I always dreamed of owning my own line….and still do). I used to make really cute things for a number of years after college before I hung up my sewing hat because I was getting too busy with my corporate job (a job I wanted to take so I could support myself, start a retirement account and not have to worry about health care). I also bought and moved into a 600sf condo and decided that designing and sewing was just a hobby that was not taking me anywhere and taking up to much time and space (and was actually mildly expensive)…maybe because I was still buying clothes…hmmmm.

*Check out my video below of the island I live on….Pictures of inside the condo coming soon…as soon as I clean up the place 🙂 Click here for the inside condo tour

Join me on my 52 weeks of discovery while I make the most of the closet I have, resell what is not working, design (and yes sometimes shamefully copy), pattern, drape, sew (I hope I still got it) any “must haves” and step up my styling skills to transform what I already have into multiple looks I wont get bored of. You won’t see a “closet full of nothing to wear” here! Lets get this party started! It’s GO TIME

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