The prettiest thing you can wear is a smile. Phase 1: the closet purge

All who know me know I have a closet (I guess two, since I still have things at my parents) both of which are pretty dag gum full of many lively frocks, tops, scarves, shoes, bags, swim suits, jackets, pants and yadi yada.

ok Yessss I have a closet(s) full but in my defense many things live with me F-O-R-E-V-E-R (Sandlot anyone?) like 5-10 years! Hey, I invest wisely. Some items I just like to look at, cue Jimmy Choo glitter pumps…that I will never sell, trade, give away and maybe even wear again. Some pieces just keep on hanging  because I still need to alter them (if they are lucky i’ll get to it…maybe two years later? for real though that has happened.) or I pull the “I could use this if I ever”, yeah well the likely hood of that “ever” ever happening…..meh. So with that being said I should have a lot of options here and I am sure I will discover some lil goodies I have completely forgotten about…which could be a good strategy if you are like me and ALWAYS seem to get bored of the same ole same ole (clothes that is). Why not hide some frocks away then next year pull out your fashion box and it is like a whole new wardrobe without the cost! Ah ha moment….I think I may do this on a monthly basis…..

I think Carrie said it best….Hellooo Lover…..I still smile every time I see these bad boys (yes, they deserved their own photo shoot!)

Summer closet purge commence. Day 1: I immediately go to my closet and start rummaging through dresses, tops, jeans… Boom! I realize ½ of this stuff doesn’t even fit me….boy so this might be harder than I thought… new decision, anything I have not worn in a year (some exceptions of course…2012 DVF studded leather jacket that I literally have never worn) OR that DOES NOT currently fit me, will be another man’s treasure. Usually I purge, than go shopping….This time let it be known it will be shopping for fabric with the earnings I make from RESELLING!

This jacket though…..DVF YESSSSS (still working on the (selfie) photos shoots…that shizz is HARD!)

Disclaimer: I NEVER (or rarely never, one pair of thigh high boots just popped into my head) pay full price for designer things. Any designer duds I own is most likely purchased with my employee discounts over the years….ya know girl on a budget (If I could I probably would but then If I could I’d probably buy a plane ticket instead…travel bug remember?)

These boots. Stuart Weitzman…$798 I believe and worth every penny! Wait till I post about how many outfits I style with these…LOVE THEM


Ok so back to closet purge….off to a good start…this stuff is cute right? (like I said, still working on the photo shoots)

Next step-RESELL! The best part about letting stuff go is getting $$ to get new stuff to replace it! Or In this case just earning the $$ while getting deeper into my mission. Reporting back next week with how I killed it in the resell market…am I spelling that right? Resale or Resell-Sami from Miami may never know….PEACE (insert cute peace sign emoji here)


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