She said she could so she did. The condo tour

One of my favorite quotes. I usually see the quote written as “She believed she could so she did” but I like to change that one little word because to me it sounds more solid. Believing is one thing but doing is another. If you say you are going to do something, “be like Nike-Just do it!” (all day Mouse quote. a.k.a my mom- cute nickname right?)

I wanted to post a condo tour so you could see all 636 sq ft of what I did. I purchased this condo December 2014 and finally had it renovated and completely moved in the following August. Boy was that an adventure! This place was a smelly wreck when I bought it but the view sold me….If I find some before pics I’ll share. The transformation really is night and day! If this tells you anything, I would not take a shower without shower shoes. It was THAT BAD!

Coral and aqua for my bathroom and bedroom. It looks baby blue in the photo… but trust me it is aqua. The art work was a housewarming gift from a local artist.
I do not like color or prints AT ALL…..hahahaha

Still looking for some art work for the walls
Still loving my Etsy push pin map of the world! Filling that baby up one plane ticket at a time.
Betcha thought my closet would be bigger right? Now you see why I constantly need to clean it out. It is SOOO hard to see everything but thank goodness for those space saving hangers!
I know…A lot of shoes and I still have more under my bed and behind my wall mirror

Isola view

Isola view two
Like I said the view won me over….still does

FullSizeRender 15

Well there she is. It is not much but it is all mine! Still working on some decor details (yes almost 3 years later). It does get a bit tight in here sometimes especially when I am trying to do so much in one space like sewing, making patterns, eating, working from home (hello corporate job) relaxing, hosting. But hey, this is what I could afford and girl on a budget makes it work! I am happy to say home ownership was a goal, a dream that marinated for years that I now have achieved 100% ON MY OWN!


A lil before and after action I snagged from Instagram


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