Summa Sunnies and how these shades were “free”

So if you need another reason to love Nordstrom’s return policy read this…..this girl (eh-hem me) just exchanged a purse purchased probably 5 years back. It was just sitting there with the tags still on it, perfect condition, never used (I actually remember purchasing it) I still think it is supa cute and love the metallic shimmery fabric but I know if I have not worn it in 5 years I will never wear it! So why not exchange it for something I will wear….summer sunnies! I was craving a pair of mirrored lenses and loved these trendy pink reflective ones by Sonix (only $98.00)

I had a little $$ left and had been eying these Tory Burch shades for a few months so I figured why not now when the store credit was flowing. It is the lil fashion fix I needed. And yes, I enjoyed my shameless selfie photo shoots….maybe I went a little over board but photos are fun right!?

Off to list more stuff on Tradsey, Poshmark, Ebay, Consignment…..the resale game can be fun! (but still a lot of work) Looking forward to making those “dolla dolla bills ya’ll” and getting started with phase….uumm 3 maybe? – refreshing my current wardrobe with pieces made exclusively by me! Get ready world…Sami from Miami is getting lit…haha (I just watched an episode of Suits). If you do not know Suits, go binge watch it. You will thank me later.

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