Summer Swim Splurge


This little sucker was the hardest to photograph…it kept sinking sooo fast in the water!
The chain detail, as delicate as it is, is still a beautiful metallic gold. I LOVE when metal details do not change color!
To have even more options, I sometimes mix and match this purple printed bottom with the solid purple triangle top below 
The beading on this top really adds some flare! Happy to say even after all this wear the original beading is still fully intact!

I love this gold trim and beaded detail. It is still shinny gold!

Aren’t these suits super cute? When the Brickell City Center opened last year (a 10 min walk from my place) I had to check it out. There are so many lavish brands tucked away in this state of the art open air concept shopping mall or shall I say- EXPERIENCE…. oooo….ahhhhh. haha

Wondering around realizing my pocket book isn’t as deep as it needs to be to enjoy all the luxuries of this new space I spotted a summer sale at what easily became my new favorite swim shop, OndadeMar  (It is a Columbian luxury swimwear brand all made in Columbia). Alex the associate was such a doll getting me to try on so many styles of the beautifully hand crafted suits and resort wear…some a little more saucy than this Miami girl usually dons. But with the encouragement of Alex, I said what the heck “I’m in Miami trick” (remember this ratchet tune from LMFAO? lol) and went home with these three quite cheeky bikinis, all just in time for some upcoming beach vacations (all 40% off BTW)…can I get some snaps for swim sales?…woooo

I just LOVED the feel of their fabrics and the little embellishments that give each piece such cute flare. I’ll admit I was a little worried that the chains, foil ruffle and beading would discolor, dissolve or just fall off once the suit hit water or sand. Well I am happy to say I basically lived in these three suits this summer and all are still beautifully intact!

Yes these suits from OndadeMar were a bit pricey (around $80 for each one with the discount) but no buyers remorse! Hey you get what you pay for right?  Finding a suit that fits is 1/2 the battle. Finding one that fits, is really cute, and still looks like new after a summer of use will always be a worth-it-splurge in my book!

So one thing I do do is care for my suits…Do you? Even if it is one of my cheap suits I still make sure to go through a few steps to insure its longevity.

Here are a few of my swimwear care tips to help your suits last as long as they deserve!

  1. Rinse in cold water after every use (even if you do not go in the water). Chlorine, salt water even natural body oil and of course sunscreen can really damage the fabrics and dull color. Most importantly don’t use hot water. Always rinse in cold water and use a mild soap if possible (standard laundry detergent is way too rough). I usually use Woolite or Cetaphil (a gentle face cleanser). I’ve found with rinsing that the fabric stays softer and the colors stay brighter!

  2. Don’t wring out your suits. After swirling your suits in the soapy water gently squeeze excess water off and lay flat to dry. Wringing can damage the fibers and cause the material to lose its shape.

  3. Do not hang dry. If you do not have a flat surface to dry on try investing (about $10) in a mesh sweater drying rack. I usually set mine up in the shower. Yes guys, the shower floor is a flat surface buuutt – I have discovered suits take FOREVER to dry if there is no air circling underneath. This helps the suit not to stretch as it is drying by not allowing water to pool together.

  4. NEVER dry from start to finish in direct sun. Sun is just too HOT for pretty delicate fabrics. I do tend to dry out side (in the shade) near the end of the drying cycle to speed up the process. This one kinda goes without saying (I hope) don’t dry your favorite suit in the clothes dryer…the constant abrasion and heat will surely ruin any suit!

  5. Make sure you wait until your suits are completely dry before wearing again. If not the material may tend to sag and dry in an awkward way. Most swimwear is made from synthetic fibers (usually nylon and spandex) that will conform to the body. If you do not let them dry completely and give them a break in-between wears the “figure hugging-fit” will be much harder to achieve. Many stretch knit fabrics, especially spandex, needs some time to “bounce” back.

  6. Finally I’d say be careful where you sit….these fabrics love to snag and snags just don’t flatter anyone, I don’t care who you are! If I am not on a lounge chair I’ll always be on a towel (or in some cases sit on my hands…but I do not suggest that for too long)

Well there you have em, my swimsuit care tips. I hope you will put them to good use 🙂 Let me know if they work for you and of course if you have any other swimwear care tips comment below. I’d love to hear!

Enjoy what is left of your summer! I am pretty sure I have another few months of swim suit weather!-wooo hooo


xo Sami




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