Figuring out this ShopStyle thing (A test Post)

FYI this really is serving as test post to see how ShopStyle works. I just signed up and have been reading for hours about how to navigate it and add widgets and links to my blog with a low success rate…I am supposed to be working my paying job today and it is already 3pm! ahhhh Do you ever sit down at the computer and wham bam time flies just like that? That is me today struggling to figure out how to use these affiliate programs but want so badly to figure it out I just can’t stop- HELP!

From what I can tell I have to post something in order to see if it works. The preview is just showing text and code so fingers crossed you will see pretty pictures and links to purchase them down below! A part of me thinks does not support Widgets from Shop Style (and I am pretty sure that is what I am using) but does…but can a beginner blogger like me understand and if I have a .com can I transfer to a .org easily? I opted for because it had great easy-to-use user reviews…is just as easy to use? ohhh the questions!

I was exploring the Shop Style website in search of some of my favorite feminine day dresses to wear…Hello Florals, Ruffels, Colors- These flowy frocks (that can easily be taken to a night look) should definitely have a spot in my closet (and in yours)! Que ShopStyle scrolling widget—> will it show below?

Another test below: to tag a photo with links to buy exactly what I am wearing that will appear when you hover over the image…Will it work?

Skirt made by me

Calvin Klein Logo Sun Hat
Tory Burch Gradient Square Sunglasses
Aerie Lace-Up One Piece Swimsuit

Fingers crossed this will work! If you have any ShopStyle user tips – share. I’d love the feedback! and Lord knows I could use the help!

xo Sami



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