Total Solar Eclipse of my Heart (in Charleston)

Who has been to Charleston, SC? How cute right!? I had never been until this past weekend. Long story- not so short- I was supposed to be in Charlotte on a work trip the Tuesday after the solar eclipse so I decided to make a pre-work weekend stop in Charleston to see the solar eclipse in totality with a few friends (wow, was that an experience). Turns out my work trip got cancelled because flights ended up being RIDICULOUSLY expensive from Charleston (like $1200 ridiculous) I could not even get to Charlotte for under $800 and it is only a 45 min flight! So what is a girl to do? I asked for few vacation days and gladly stayed in Charleston for a bit (until I could get back to Miami at a reasonable price). It was a fantastically fun long weekend!

We saw the eclipse from Boone Hall Plantation. What a charming piece of property! It is comprised of over 700 acres with centuries of history.


These two rows of oak trees took over 200 years to grow into what they are today. Aren’t they beautiful? They line the long drive way up to the main house. (photo courtesy of google…my snapchat video came out way to blurry to share)

FullSizeRender 3



FullSizeRender 5

The main house served as Allie’s summer house in one of the most beautiful love stories ever, The Notebook. We walked around for a few hours while we stopped to check in on the sun (in our cool eclipse glasses of course). I Snapchatted the whole day (and weekend) but oops…I didn’t take as many photos as I should have to share here! (Follow me on snapchat username: ladysamiam)

So about my look of the day, yes most pieces are old- I really am pulling looks together from the closet…but still all great pieces I’ve worn multiple times! My Lacoste bag was the perfect weekend tote (a similar style can be found HERE) With its adjustable and removable strap it can be worn as a clutch, cross body or in different lengths at my side (as in the photos above). It has a zipper closure (which is a must for me-I drop everything!) is made out of durable and easy to clean material that does not lose its shape and it is a great small size, about 9″x6″x2″. Everything I needed fitted easily (a small wallet, change purse, go pro, phone, some lipstick, sunglasses and a few other random things…ya know like band aids, nail filer, mirror ect.)  To keep it casual I paired this flounce dRA Clothing dress (that I bought off Preserve_US….sad to see that site shut down) with a denim vest (Ann Taylor Loft) and comfortable sandals. Shoes by Dolce Vita– really so comfortable! and if you can see them (no close up picture, I know- eek – next time my loves) my dangle earrings with turquoise accents are Lucky Brand.

BTW if you were wondering, the eclipse was amazing! With the eclipse glasses you could see the sun as a crisp clear orange circle gradually getting smaller and smaller until only the outer circles of the sun were exposed as the moon was directly over it. For about 2 mins and 45 seconds (or about the length of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”) it literally grew dark to about what it is at dusk. The temp dropped, the birds got quiet and then just like that you could feel the sun’s intense heat right back on your shoulders. I am SOOO glad I made the trip- it really was an awesome once in a lifetime experience.

One more thing….besides the AWESOME solar eclipse, fun beach day, delicious food (my favs 167RAW and Tavern & Table) great boutiques, beautiful hotels and rooftop bars, one other experience really took the cake, wait for it….Pounce Cat Cafe and Wine bar. ahhhhh…have you ever heard of such a thing? This gem was directly across the street from our Home Away property so of course I had to check it out. I mean come on…there are cute kittens playing in the window! This Cat cafe is in partnership with a local no kill shelter helping to place kittens with loving owners. You pay $15 for a drink and 1 hour play time with kittens so of course I made a few friends…my favorite, Khaleesi – what a doll. Those eyes! puuuuuurfect! (had to get that one in there lol)

I’ll definitely be back to Charleston and probably stop in at the Cat Cafe. It was such a treat!

Look out for another post showing off some statement jewelry I picked up along the way. (sneak peak on my IG) I can’t wait to share- just waiting until I can come up with some blog worthy photos….after all, photos are the best part right?


xo Sami





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