Follow up on this Shopstyle thing

I thought I’d write a follow up post to my post “figuring out this ShopStyle thing” seeing how I spend nearly 6 hours researching for answers in online chat rooms, message boards and help threads to no avail. I just wanted to know how to get a widget I created on the ShopStyle website to work on my site. After what seemed like FOREVER I came across the “chat now” help link through WordPress that I conveniently missed about a bazillion times. I laugh now remembering (as I was getting pretty frustrated) how I was saying out loud “I do not want to send an email- why can’t they just offer chat help in real time…grrrr” haha it was available the whole time!

In case you missed it- here is where I found the link: Once you are in your dashboard just click on the question mark at the bottom left of the page in the customizer tool bar. You will see a “Contact Us” now button on the next page and voila! All you need, step by step chat help! They were pretty useful!

Anyways I figured there may be a lot of other beginner bloggers out there like myself that want to know the same thing. ALL of the online help topics told me that it was IMPOSSIBLE to upload a widget code from Shopstyle to a site because it contained an iframe code…whatever that means. I didn’t want to accept that answer as I did not want to switch to a .org site because 1. it sounds like a lot of work and 2. I have no clue how to set up a website myself! I am not even sure you can transfer content from a .com to a .org. I am SOOOO down with this no self coding, just type and publish thing! makes it soooo easy.

I am here to tell you that YES it is possible to copy and paste a widget code from another website that uses iframe (or some other advanced coding) as long as you have the BUSINESS PLAN.  It runs you about $24 a month so about triple that of the $8.00 a month Premium plan I was using. I was thinking…is this blogging hobby worth the extra funds? I decided yesss Sami you can do $25 a month and I am really glad I did! The business plan opens up a lot of other useful features and says it will support an online store. I have not tried that one yet but I would love to eventually sell some of the fashion I have been making which in turn would pay for the hosting plan. Self supporting hobby woo hoo!

To be clear you have to do a bit more to get the widgets to work other than just upgrading to the Business plan…but it is REALLY easy- promise! So with the help of my WordPress chat friends I found out I had to install a plugin to bypass what ever was preventing my widgets from being displayed. I did this by downloading a plugin called Hello Dolly…yes like the song. All I know about plugins is that they are extensions of your webpage, sort of like apps are to your phone (stole that right from the WordPress chat help). You install them to help your webpage do certain things better BUT beware don’t go crazy with the plugins as some bad plugins can cause your website to crash I am told. Make sure the plugins you choose to download have 4-5 star reviews meaning they have been proven to work (side note Hello Dolly only had 3 stars but WordPress created that one themselves so I trusted it). The only downside to this plugin I noticed is it took the WordPress “Follow my Blog” clickable option away making it unusable. I was told I could download another plugin to get the follow button to work but I have not found anything yet. I did add a subscribe widget or plugin (not sure what to call it at this point) that serves the same purpose and allows readers from outside the WordPress community to subscribe. So just be aware certain things may stop working with plugins that get something else to work. It is all about priorities right? There is still so much to learn but I already feel smarter!

wow that was a pretty long recap (dang girl can talk) but I hope it is useful!


xo Sami

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