Making a DIFFerence Eyewear

Barry – black and white frame with blue mirror polarized lenses

DIFF eyewear. Have you heard of them? If you are active on Instagram I do not know how you couldn’t have! For a while there I was seeing promotional adds like every week and guess what…it worked (on me at least)! I decided to check them out and ended up buying  a few pairs…Hello summer sale. I nabbed two pairs for 50% off each plus free shipping.

Of course it is not like I needed any more sunglasses but I LOVED their message and charitable missions. Not to mention their glasses are all polarized; meaning the lenses have a special filter to reduce glare and block intense light reflection to help reduce eye strain. I LOVE polarized lenses in this intense Florida sun! They have a lot of fun shapes with trendy mirror lenses (and some without) that are…..wait for it…..really inexpensive! Say whaaattt -yes that is right especially when compared to other designer shades (with or without polarized lenses). All new styles retail for around $80. Steal right? (time to nod your head up and down…yesssss-hahaha)

Bella- royal blue frame and purple mirror polarized  lenses

If you needed another reason to buy, check out their BUY ONE GIVE ONE program. For every pair of glasses purchased they will donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. This program also helps to provide communities (which would otherwise go without) with eye exams, glasses, vision tests and other eye care treatments. On top of that they also created the Sabo Project. This initiative provides fair wages and employment opportunities to communities in Arua, Uganda so individuals have a chance to create self sustaining careers while supporting their families. Read more about this “pouch project” HERE or click the link above.

It feels good to wear social-concious shades! Can’t wait until they launch new collections. If you are feeling up to it click HERE to shop and browse their official website. You won’t regret it 🙂




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