New Obsession: Responsible Fashion (my changing focus)

So it has been about two months since I started this blog and I will say it again…I am SOO happy I did! It really opened up my eyes to so many exciting and interesting things happening not only in my community or related industry but all over the world!

I originally said I am basing this blog on my year long journey to not buy any clothes with the intention of forcing myself to restyle, reuse, repurpose what was already in my closet and then use my fashion making skills to sew what I needed (as in any “must have”  trendy pieces). Not a bad thought right? Well at least I didn’t think so, but then when I was packing for a recent trip I realized the only pair of denim shorts I own were a bit tight and actually really uncomfortable. Dang! Guys, I don’t know how to sew a pair of great fitting jeans- which are a must right?! and even if I did (or had the time to teach myself) I am pretty sure my local fabric store would not have the material I wanted (I can be a bit picky). Online fabric shopping is always an option but I NEVER end up with what I see in my head…unless I order a swatch first but that is sometimes $3-$6 on a $10 yard of fabric. ech…not the most economical way.

So anyhoo, I also realized making clothes is pretty time consuming for me. Although I still pattern, sew, drape and create simple designs like maxis, kimonos, wrap skirts and anything flowy; anything with tailoring, zippers, collars- I guess technical stuff just really isn’t my cup of tea. It boils down to me not feeling as passionate about sewing to want to learn all the technical aspects of it. Pretty much saying I am never going to have the advanced sewing skills to create exactly what I need or want for that matter. What I do really LOVE is creating things, designing and discovering embellishments, fabric and new textiles. They always seem to get me so excited inside….that sounds weird haha. I swear all these ideas pop into mind whenever I find color, prints and statement jewels or really anything that will add a bit of flare to something otherwise simple or you know….basic.

I do not want to force my self to do anything I don’t love so with that said I am tailoring my mission to a more practical (for me) approach. I would LOVE so much if I was so lucky to have a clothing company that made clothes out of responsible material manufactured in the USA or at least at factories overseas that are 100% committed to ethical treatment of workers with fair wages and safe working conditions. I realize so many people in poor countries depend on the apparel industry to survive. So while I would not advocate to have everything made in America as I feel it is important to support these jobs I would 100% demand transparency with these big box retailers to support the idea that nothing they manufacture comes at the cost of a human life (read an earlier post about the cost of cheap clothes). I mean is that to much to ask?

At this point I am really loving discovering all these eco friendly, responsible fashion missioned companies that I want to support and I want you to support too! (and by support, I mean buy their clothing). Check out this website of 24 Brands doing just that.

I am still sticking to my motto of making the most out of my closet I just do not want to limit myself to not purchasing anything. So I’ll still be posting about how I style my closet into multiple outfits by using accessories and self made add on pieces with easy DIY tutorials but I want to expand a bit beyond that. I’d love to reuse and recreate thrift finds, which of course would mean buying…I also am on a mission to blog about all the eco-friendly companies I can find! I am definitely continuing down this path realizing my dream to become a sought after responsible fashion, fair manufacturing clothing company (but still with an economical price point…is that even possible?). After all, responsible fashion should appeal to all!

Stayed tuned to see what I find!


xo Sami



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