She’s Unique (a jewelry boutique)


What a wild past couple of weeks! Between work, my blog and evacuating from the wrath of Irma I barely had time to move, much less think! I was scheduled to be in DC all last week for my “real” job which worked out pretty well seeing how I needed somewhere to go since I didn’t (and still do not) have electricity- you know because Irma-geddon tried to devour my city and all…so lucky me, it all worked out! Timing is everything right?

With the aftermath of Irma my flight back to FL was cancelled and rescheduling meant I ended up with some extra time on my hands (which NEVER happens by the way).  After a handful of times being in DC on business this was one of the first times I was actually able to walk outside of my hotel and check out the surrounding areas. I stayed in Old Town Alexandria at the Alexandrian right on King street. It is a great location with a lot of street action! I browsed around a bit before stumbling on this darling jewelry boutique- She’s Unique. The first time I spotted it I was actually too starving to stop in so opted for my sushi dinner instead. The shop was closed after dinner but I returned the next day and was greeted by the owner.

I am forever forgetting to take pictures of things I want to feature on my blog…working on that…so pretty much stole these images off of their website (is that bad?) They were the only two that would copy or else I would have posted more! lol Make sure to visit their website for more photos and of course to shop!

Furnished with natural wood floors, accents of green succulents and wood display pieces, the shop itself captures such a cozy/organic feel. I loved browsing around and noticing how many environmentally conscious designers they were featuring. It makes me so excited to find more and more designers that have a similar eco-friendy/ethically produced mission!

Most pieces on display had a minimalistic feel. Dainty, easy to wear and easy to layer seemed like the common thread. I saw a nice assortment of price ranges in the shop as well (some rings as low as $20). I just kept spotting so many things I wanted to dive right into! I am a petite girl and love dainty everyday jewelry so She’s Unique suited me just right!

I ended up purchasing a gold filled and real turquoise necklace by Tess + Tricia. Another mom and daughter duo focusing on ethically crafted natural stone jewelry.

Loving all the ways I can wear this piece

This one was just over $100 and was gold filled (not plated) so has the potential to stay ‘gold’ MUCH longer than that of plated jewelry…like 25+ years longer, even with everyday wear (or so I am told). I really have never had anything gold filled turn a dirty metal color even after wearing it in the hot, humid sticky weather we have down in FL so I don’t mind spending a bit more money on something I know is going to last.

Isn’t it great how many ways this wrap necklace can be worn and how easily it can be layered with other pieces? I am sure I have more layering options back home…if I could just get back to Miami!

any hooo-I think I’ll go with this way today….What is your favorite way?


PS. It seems my photos are looking so grainy after I transferred them over from my GoPro…bummer! Will be working on that for next time 🙂


XO Sami



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