Statement Neck, ooo-ahhh




How about that for a statement necklace? Loving the perfect neckline on this ASTR dress not to mention the color, CORAL – one of my favorites…duh! haha It flows so smoothly with this beaded multi colored necklace! This one is a Charleston find from the boutique LUNA.  I picked it up when I was there in August for the Total Solar Eclipse (uber-cool experience BTW).

I have since worn this necklace at least 4 times and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon (cheers to making the most out of my closet- woo hoo)! I wore the green cold shoulder top with a pair of white shorts and hot pink MK wedges. The white tee was paired with some comfty BP ripped denim and casual flats…I am still loving the floral dress- it may be too much with the necklace for some but not for me! What is your favorite way?

side note: not sure (1) where the full body photos went on the GoPro I thought I took and (2) why these photos are showing up so fuzzy,  uuugh- they look so crisp and clear on my phone! #wordpressproblems

My necklace is sold out but check out some of my other favorite finds below

Make sure to click the right arrows to view all the options I’ve linked

Cheers loves!

xo Sami

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