Panacea Love

If you have seen my jewelry box you know I have a thing for statement jewelry; usually by way of earrings or necklaces- I just can’t get enough. I love a lil funky, spunky action in my wardrobe which is one reason why I was so excited to stumble on this beauty…

In my quest to find more designers with positive mission statements, ecofriendly values and responsible manufacturing ties, I have been researching just about every company I have purchased something from in the past few months (overall it has proven pretty tough to find transparency with some of my favorite brands)…buut turns out Panacea is one of those companies I just adore. Right off the bat the first thing I read in their “About Us” page is “We are a team of people passionate about having fun and making jewelry”…LOVE THAT! Shouldn’t we all be doing something we are passionate about? ehhmm…that is a YES!

The second statement that made my eyes twinkle is that this company was founded on principles of giving back. Yay! It makes me proud to wear jewelry (or really anything) when I know that I am supporting a company with the same values as myself. The website didn’t go into too many details regarding exactly what programs they are involved in (I’d love to learn more) but did share that they have donated thousands of accessories to woman in need. Panacea also sponsors some really great organizations which aim to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate; all pretty great in my book!

Not only do they have a great mission statement but their designs are so cute and colorful! They all have a special pop! If you are not so much into color they do have many many simpler pieces without embellishments. Some of my favorites are linked below.

// thing I LOVE about this company is that it is “owned, designed and operated by woman for woman.”  Can you believe the founder Vivian created her first collection at 22? Let me think what was I doing at 22?…defiantly not Girl Bossing it -what an inspiration!

Even more great things below…Earrings! ooo I LOVE these colors! Make sure to click the right arrow to see all of the options I linked

// not complete the look with a fun bracelet?! BTW isn’t everything at a great price point? I will definitely be buying a few more as gifts!


xo Sami

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