Hooray for Parley (and some ways you can go green)

I recently discovered Parley for the Oceans while doing my daily eco-friendly research (wo hoo I’ve been keeping up with it). I stumbled upon a partnership Parley did with Adidas and a 100% recycled ocean plastic running shoe (more on that later) and soon found out Parley is an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to the major threats facing the world’s largest ecosystem; the ocean and more specifically the animals that live in it (yes there are multiple oceans but they really all connect so The Ocean works for me 🙂 ) They have a lot of great interactive information posted on their website. One of their short videos Spaceship Earth really left me with an “ah-ha” moment….humans need animals but they sure as heck don’t need us! Click on the link to watch for yourself (its like 3 mins long).

Ok so plastic pollution: It really isn’t a new topic even thought I don’t really hear much about itanymore…maybe some forgot about the millions and millions pounds of plastic found in our ocean at any one moment. The cause; human over population, over consumption, human waste, carelessness…did I mention from humans? We produce 300 million tons of plastic each year most of which gets put into landfills or dumped into the earth’s waterways. According to this report by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean pound per pound than fish! Woof that is a lot of plastic! Can you imagine what that amount of toxic plastic does to the animals living in it? Grab a tissue and check this trailer out. Eek I know right? Sooo if fish are eating plastic and we are eating fish…Cringe…who wants to eat plastic?

Through partnerships and collaborations Parley for the Oceans is not only bringing awareness to consumers but is also on a mission to provide solutions for consumers. Some of their partnerships have brought 100% recycled ocean plastic into shoes and clothing. Another collaboration with Biofabricate is actually working to engineer a material that will replace plastic and other environmentally harmful materials all together! Wow-think of what that could do in the fight against pollution!

So what can we do in the mean time? Insert the AIR Strategy:

  • AVOID the use of all things plastic or at least aim to use recycled goods
  • INTERCEPT plastic otherwise landing in our oceans, or landfills. Recycle and support cleanup efforts.
  • REDESIGN plastic all together. Support companies who are upcycling and developing new innovative ways for creating environmentally friendly materials

Are you thinking about plastic differently now? I sure as heck am!

Plastic is EVERYWHERE. I mean really what isn’t plastic? I know I touch, use and consume plastic in some way thousands of times a day. It may be unrealistic to cease use of all plastic at the moment but every little bit helps. Check out this list of 31 things you could do to help eliminate plastic pollution.  Some as simple as ditching plastic grocery bags–we’ve heard that one before right? Once you form the habit its so easy as I am sure a number of other things on this list are.

I can’t say I live a 100% green life and not sure if i’ll ever get completely there but I can say education is allowing me to look at things differently as I navigate my way into a more sustainable way of life. I mean I LOVE the ocean and the animals that depend on it so why not commit to doing something to help preserve it? Every little bit helps!

Wether the green life is for you or not-check out Parley for the Ocean’s website, if for anything, knowledge. Because you know what they say-knowledge is power 🙂

Thanks for reading!

xo Sami

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