2018, I see you (what I decided to focus on in 2018)

Funny how New Years gets everyone pumped for a better year, new dreams, new commitments, its just something in the air. Too bad half of those resolutions don’t make it through to next week lol. That is pretty much why I rarely set resolutions anymore-lets just say I don’t want to set myself up for failure. I know the feeling when I am truly committed to something and willing to take on the challenge. That is when I make a resolution, a commitment or really a decision for success!

I will say one thing I learned while setting resolutions for so many years is it helped me learn what I really wanted to do. I now believe commitment should be easy when you are ready and really want to commit to whatever it is. There are always ups and downs but for the most part commitment means forming a habit that is enjoyable so you keep doing it. Golf for example: I’m apart of a huge golf family with two brothers and a dad that travel the world playing. I have NEVER been invited on a golf trip, and was getting kinda jealous of being left out. When I questioned my dad, his answer was simple, “you are not good enough”. Ok, so I’ll get good enough I said. Challenge accepted and I pledged I would hit par during the next year at our local “beginner” course so I could make the next year’s trip to Scotland. Well what I quickly learned was while I enjoyed playing golf and have some natural ability I easily tuckered out around hole 12-15. I enjoyed heading to the range for an hour or so but I never really developed a love of golf that would take me to a place of content during sweltering hot days, blistered fingers, farmer tans or get me through the constant practice one (like me) would need to play to get on the same level of the boys in my family. There were soo many other things I wanted to do with my time so yes you guessed it, resolution failed. But not all was lost. I realized I am never going to be able to force myself to do something (continuously) that I am really not passionate about which sparked a goal to find a passion and commit to something that was in a way-easy…fast forward to today…

It may have taken a few more years but now I am happy to say I really have developed a passion for the sustainable, ethical, eco-concious, green fashion world which leads me to my biggest challenge yet. Drum roll please…live more sustainably starting with my closet! uumm yeah-doesn’t sound to exciting when I say it like that…but as a fashion lover it has always been difficult to not buy more clothes than I need (hence why I failed my “don’t buy any clothes for a year” challenge) I have never and most likely will never want to re-wear the same 10 pieces over and over again. I know it is possible (I have friends that live in less for years) to have a staple wardrobe but its just not for me-at least not right now.

What is for me though is shopping more consciously, buying less, buying quality and reusing more. I am pledging to ONLY purchase organic, ethical, green, sustainable (whatever else we are calling it these days) clothing for this entire year (and most likely the rest of my life-I told you when I commit I commit 🙂 ) That means NO to fast fashion i.e. Zara, Urban, AE, Forever 21, Mango, GAP, Rip Curl, Topshop, the cheap and really trendy online shops-I see you too-and ugh hate to say it but so many more! There are a TON of outright dirty companies that provide little if any transparency in the way they manufacture their products hiding their sketchy ways of low and no ethical standards to provide low-cost and poor quality goods to the masses. No thanks!

I think the best way to start is to compile a list of YES companies. Because transparency is still an issue it may be a bit hard at first to identify truly eco and ethically conscious brands…there are a lot of ways to start the process- knowing how truly difficult it is to manufacture new clothing that is sustainable I may focus on consignment and resell boutiques and focus on adding some flare to old outfits with unique accessory finds…did cha know buying used clothing is one of the most sustainable things you can do?…it eliminates waste.

Don’t worry I’ll report back with my findings. Looking forward to uncovering more and more companies that will contribute to my sustainable style quest!

What is on your list for 2018? Wanna try going green? Anyone can do it, one step at a time 🙂

Thanks for reading!


xo Sami

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