Who says Eco-Fashion means frumpy fashion?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear fashion being described as eco-friendly, green, organic, sustainable? Most of my friends say frumpy, maybe boho (but not boho chic more like boho dumpy). Other descriptions I’ve gotten have been expensive, weird prints, dull colors, boring design….nothing that sounds desirable. Mostly everyone I know just assumes the eco girl is not a stylish girl….awww (with a sad face). I probably would have agreed with them last year, but now I am on a mission to stylish sustainable style and I think I am headed in a good direction…

Short back story…as you know (or may not) 2018 is a year of sustainability for me starting with my closet. I challenged myself to not buy any clothing for a solid year to force myself to re-wear what I already own. This is my first step to sustainable style; in addition to being fully committed to NEVER supporting any fast fashion brands (like H&M, Zara, Shein, AE, Gap, Top Shop, forever…the list goes on) for the rest of my life! Sounds a little dramatic but it is soo do-able. Especially when you think about all of the resell websites popin up and designer consigner gaining so much momentum. I am so ready for it but for now I am tackling my weekly re-wear challenges with great success!

Today I am sharing one re-wear challenge with its main piece coming from…you guessed it, a fully transparent, environmentally friendly and ethically made clothing company; Fair Indigo-Yay!

I used their 100% organic Pima Cotton navy striped tank dress as my base piece to create 6 unique looks all posted below…

This stripe top is also a Fair Indigo Find

See anything you liked? I literally have been re-wearing the crap out of this dress. It is really comfy and totally NOT see through…you know when the sun hits just right and boom- booty view happens? yup not with this dress! And contrary to popular believe this dress is affordable…not at fast fashion prices but reasonably priced around $60! Not bad for something I have already worn 6 times – right??

side note: If I had a red necklace I’d probably pair it with a few of these looks for a lil more pop of color but for “shopping” in my closet I’m happy! The Fair Indigo top in look three got frumpy fit vote until tied it up at the waist…even an XS fit a bit big and long…but ya know you just gotta work with what you got and style it up to prove eco-fashion doesn’t always mean frumpy-fashion!

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Thanks for reading!


XO Sami

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