Some sustainable style I’m sticking to (another re-wear wrap up)

I’ve got another re-wear wrap up for you! This time I re-wore and re-styled the same floral dress 7 times and truly created 7 different outfits that didn’t make me yawn one bit!

Starting with this T shaped shift dress…

I made this dress myself sometime last fall as I was just immersing myself in the eco-friendly fashion game just because I wanted a simple shape that I knew would be easier to transform into many different shapes to get me going with some true re-wearable fashion. I really wanted to not just re-wear the same thing a bunch of times but completely transform something into multiple outfits that really made me feel like I was wearing something different each time. With a lil creative thinking-boom! Mission accomplished! I took this dress from a basic tee shirt shape, to a skirt look, to an A-line dress and even transformed it into multiple tops….all a lil bit different.

I wore all of these outfits out on the town and even got an elevator compliment on how I put together the below “skirt” look 🙂 yay-someone noticed lol.

It was a VERY windy day

Being open to layering and realizing how easy a belt can transform a look are a few things I’ve learned so far! This re-wear, re-style, re-use thing really isn’t as hard as I thought it would be! Do I have a full year of re-wears in me? #goals

Anyone else ready for a re-wear challenge?? How bout have any ideas on how else I could transform this dress? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading!


xo Sami

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