Hi, I am Samantha, my friends call me Sami. I am just a 30 something girl living the dream in beautiful, hot and humid Miami, FL…it’s a state of mind right?

I have always been working in the fashion world with the last 5 years in the corporate fashion world. However I have been feeling a little bored lately and thought I should change that…Hello SamifromMiami.com. I am still thinking about what I want to do when I grow up (no I am not a child in 30 year old body) just saying I still have a lot of life to live and I want to make it great! I love art and creativity, fashion, textiles and photography. I LOVE to travel and experience new cultures and I REALLY LOVE inspiration and hearing how others reached and accomplished their goals and what is next….momentum is key for me!

So I decided to start this blog to basically give me something fun to look forward to (and it is working). I decided to document my journey after I committed to challenging myself to NOT purchase ANY clothes for an entire year! Instead I’ll style my current closet (lord knows I have enough) into as many looks as possible and also design, recreate and sew myself any “must haves” I just can not live with out. This will be a great focus for me and hopefully help me discover where I want to land in the industry!

Perhaps my journey will inspire others to find their passion as I hope to do for myself. I’ll post “how to” tutorials on fashion design, sewing, style tips, how to make the most of your resell game…I’ll add some fun GoPro photos shoots along the way and share moments that mean something to me. It is all just meant to be fun, lighthearted, an easy read with vibrant colors…it is Miami after all!


Click here for some “me” photos and more about why I started this blog